Improving Competitiveness of Islamic Banking Human Resources Through Implementation of Quran-Based HRM Practices


The essential practice in enhancing of Islamic Banking competitiveness is the implementation of Quran-based human resource management. The purpose of this study is to describe the application of the Quran-based human resource management in Islamic banking, as well as make empirical examination in order to increase employee job satisfaction through organizational justice as intervening variable. It sample were employees of Islamic banking in the city of Malang. Based on the research results indicate that Quran based human resource management practices don’t increase job satisfaction directly, but increase job satisfaction through the variable of organizational justice. Managerial implications of this research are the role of organizational justice principles in human resource management practices to increase employee job satisfaction. Islamic banking manager should provide sufficient procedural, distributive and interactional justice to improve the impact Quran-based human resource management to job satisfaction.

Key words: Quran-based HRM, Job Satisfaction, Organizational Justice

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