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Entrepreneurial Motivation in Pondok Pesantren

The purpose of this study is to explore the meaning of management experience to encourage
the cultivation of the first Indonesian’s entrepreneurial pondok pesantren. A
phenomenological qualitative approach was used to understand the meaning of
management actions in because motives perspectives. The results showed that the external
and internal environment encourages entrepreneurial development in pondok pesantren.
External environment that encourages the development of entrepreneurship were
miserabled because of the practice of userer. Meanwhile, the internal environment includes
fulfill the needs of santri, the need for the consumption from halal sources, and maintaining
the educational system as believed. The concept of social care based on the faith in God’s
call has an important role in encourage action in the form of the development of
entrepreneurial in the pondok pesantren in order to improve the social environment.
Keywords: Entrepreneurial motivation, Pondok pesantren, Phenomenology

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